Hey, first thing I'd like to welcome you to the site. I'm sorry there isn't going to be a ton of content for a bit.

By day I'm an experienced software engineer, architect and otherwise software development field expert. I don't do freelance, but I do enjoy contributing to open source projects (most recently with QMK as it feeds the software side of my keyboard addiction. I don't do Cryptocurrency and I'm pretty sure that NFT's are a best a cash grab and at worst straight up exploitation.

Also an avid gamer with occasional Twitch streams, I am staff after all. I do think it's at least worth showing my face every once in a while. Though honestly I do mostly lurk.

Feel free to browse through some of my old projects on my GitHub page, it might be the best way to keep track of the side projects I'm active on lately.

Finally I do have a mild Twitter problem.